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Mayser Polymer Electric

We are Authorized Representative for Mayser GmbH & Co KG, Germany for Safety Edge, Mats, Relays, Bumpers, etc for India. Please visit:


Mayser Safety Technology is the technological world leader in tactile sensors for automotive anti-pinch protection. Today, our sensors ensure safety wherever moving parts (on machines, vehicles, trains, robots) need to be slowed, stopped or controlled to protect people.

A whole range of industries benefit from our experience, especially where the need for tailor-made safety concepts has increased with growing automation in many areas of life and work. These include medical technology, mechanical engineering, driverless transport systems or vehicles and theatre construction.


Product Overview

Safety Distances



The reference Standard is the EN 999 'Safety of machinery - the positioning of protective equipment in respect of approach speeds of parts of the human body'. The given information is indicative and synthetic; it is compulsory to refer to the complete EN 999 standard for a correct safety distance calculation. The minimum distance S in mm between the hazardous area and the detection point is expressed by the formula:

S = (K x T) C

K is a parameter (mm/sec) linked to the approach speed of the human body or parts and is 2000 mm/sec where S < 500 mm

T is the total time (sec) necessary to stop the machine


C is an additional distance (mm) based on the device typology used in terms of resolution, where the resolution is the minimum dimension of an opaque object able to obscure at least one of the beams of the sensitive detection area.


C=8(d-14) but not less than 0 and d=the detection capability of the Light Curtain (mm) and subject to a minimum allowable separation of S of 100 mm.


If S is found to be greater than 500 mm when using a value of 2000 mm/s for K, then a value of 1600 mm/s for K may be used. However, if the results of the calculation give a value less than 500 mm, the separation distance used should be 500 mm. The formula becomes:

S =(1600 mm/s x T) 8(d-14 mm)

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